Congestion on the 4th of July, the Orange Line and Dennis P. Zine

Anyone lucky enough to attend “Councilman Dennis P. Zine’s July 4th Fireworks Extravaganza Presented by Keyes Automotive Group” were treated to an afternoon and evening of free music and fireworks in an open space.  They were also treated to hearing the “Keyes on Van Nuys” theme song about 122,000 times (I counted.)

But right before the fireworks, they were also treated a surprise endorsement of Metro from the Councilman’s mouth.  For much of the afternoon and evening Zine and Congressman Brad Sherman, both in tough election campaigns, served as unofficial emcee’s to the event, a job which seemed to require thanking everyone they saw in the audience that they recognized and asking for the “Keyes on Van Nuys” theme song to be played again.  However, as the crowd started to file out, Zine hit a different note:

“Those of you that came from afar, thank you.  Those of you that rode the Orange Line, you’re going to have a great trip home.  Those of you that drove could have long waits to access the streets.  Maybe one or two hours.  Be patient.  But those of you that took the Orange Line are gong to have a great trip.”

Go Metro.

  • zstern

    That’s great.  Always love to hear community leaders promoting public transpo.  I went to the fireworks show in Marina Del Rey yesterday.  My girlfriend and I rode our bikes from Santa Monica.  Lots of others riding bikes as well and on the way back everyone was talking about how nice it was to be passing the cars stuck in traffic.

  • Mig

     Same thing here.  There were tons of people in the streets.  Some pretty intoxicated peds… but a bike was the way to go.

  • Anthony Day

    That was a great idea.  The Orange Line would be much better then driving.  Now we have one day a year where the orange line is better than driving.

  • Anonymous

    Was this near the Dennis P. Zine Community Center which is not conveniently served by the Orange Line with a stop at Saticoy?

  • LAofAnaheim

    How was the Expo Line ridership with the fireworks show at Exposition Park?

  • Anonymous

  • Packed… See the bottom of my post here: