Today’s Headlines

  • High Speed Rail Faces Big Vote in the Senate This Week (LAT)
  • Update on 405-Sepulveda Pass Transit Options (The Source)
  • Alarcon Finds $500,000 for Local Sidewalk Repair (Daily News)
  • Street Art Makes Downtown Sidewalks a Little More Attractive (LAT)
  • Santa Monica Hires Alta Planning and Design to Improve Sidewalks Near Expo/Beach (Mirror)
  • Chance for Fast Lane Sticker Jolts Volt Sales in CA (Auto News)
  • Daily News Heralds Brown Decision to Drop Legal Speed-Up for HSR
  • Biking on the River Path to Long Beach (KCET)
  • Ben and Jerry’s, Union Station, Hooray! (Brigham Yen)
  • Rio Opens First BRT (City Fix)
  • “Beverly Hills may have found allies in Little Tokyo and downtown’s Financial District in the fight against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s abuse of community interests.” (Courier)

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  • Erik Griswold

    Too bad the headline writer on the Volt article used the term “Fast Lane”.  As things stand, this vehicle will qualify for a green sticker that resembles the yellow ones that Hybrid owners had been using to enter HOV lanes until last summer.   But the green sticker will not, as of now, allow the Volt to use the Express Lanes once they are open.  From the Metro Express Lanes FAQ:

    “Will alternative fuel/hybrid vehicles with stickers qualify to ride in the Metro ExpressLanes free of charge?

    No. Driving alone in an alternative fuel/hybrid vehicle helps reduce
    pollution, but it does not reduce congestion. Alternative fuel/hybrid
    vehicles will be treated like all other vehicles.”

  • Darrell

    That would be Rio de Janeiro’s first BRT, not Brazil’s; don’t forget the longstanding Curitiba BRT.

  • Blech.  You are right, of course.