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Greg Spotts from the Mayor's Office sends along this picture of palm trees just planted at Roscoe Station as part of the Orange Line extension. A similar view can be had from the bike path in a recent post at the ## Bike Blog##. But the real question people have is "when is it going to open?" The city anticipates "sometime in June." Stay tuned.
  • 101 Year Old Burbank Man Killed by 91 Year Old Driver (Burbank Leader, LA Weekly)
  • Feds: MTA Rail Car Deal Doesn’t Violate “Buy America” Rules (LAT)
  • Anti-HSR Initiative Being Readied for Fall Ballott…in 2014 (CAHSR Blog)
  • More on the Mixed Use Development for Sepulveda/Expo Thats in Your Mailbox (Curbed)
  • Parking Scofflaws Don’t Like Parking Rules (LAT)
  • New Golden State Warriors Basketball Arena to be Transit-Oriented (SFGateCBS 5SF Examiner)
  • CA Senate to Vote on 3-Foot Bike Passing Bill Tomorrow (Cyclelicious)
  • Beautiful Photo Essay of Every Venice Storefront that Faces the Ocean (HRGBRG)
  • Panorama City Asphalt Median To Be Landscaped, for Real This Time (Daily News)

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I’m traveling today, which means that there is an excellent chance that I missed a headline or two.  If you know one, leave it in the comments section.  If you don’t, read the comments section.  I’ll bet there’s a couple good links there by the end of the day.  We also won’t have any updates from Washington D.C., so be sure to check Streetsblog Capitol Hill for the news from Congress and more.  That being said, we have plenty of original content going up today, so be sure to check back often.

  • Juan Matute

    I like Greg’s picture.  It’s so LA – freshly installed palm trees, clouds rolling out… newly minted bus rapid transit facility.

  • Eric B

    Re: Otto Jensen’s death.  Very much a tragedy.  Both the articles, however, reinforced the pedestrian’s right to cross at an unmarked crosswalk.  Kudos to Burbank police for turning a tragedy into a teaching moment and resisting the tendency to blame the victim.


Today’s Headlines

Times Editorial Endorses MyFigueroa (LAT) Metro Stepping Up Fare Enforcement on the Orange Line (The Source) LA Council Approves River Recreation Zone Motion (KCET, Curbed) LA Council Planning Committee Approves Fracking Ban Motion (LAT) Bike Coalition Urges Metro to Take Lead Role on Active Transpo (LACBC) Infographic: LA Has Four of USA’s 10 Steepest Streets (Fixr) […]

Rider Review: The Orange Line Bike Path Extension

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to visit all five of the new Orange Line stations on a tour of the newly installed art (more on that tomorrow.)  The afternoon also gave me a chance to ride and review the Orange Line Bike Path.  While I found the bike trail easy to use for the […]

Today’s Headlines

LAT Profiles California’s Influential Air Resources Board Walking and Bicycling Help Fend Off Dementia (LAT) Beverly Hills Won’t Do Bike Lanes On Santa Monica Blvd (Better Bike) Editorial: USA’s Fair Housing Backlash (LAT) Helmet Hair Among Challenges and Rewards Of Bike Commuting, Bike Trains (KPCC) Can’t A Multi-Billion Dollar Subway Extension Get A Better Explainer […]

Better Bike Parking Coming to Metro Stations

Bike racks at Metro stations can fill up quickly as illustrated by this photo from March 2008 at North Hollywood Station. The problem of insufficient bike parking isn’t a new one for Angelenos and isn’t limited just to Los Angeles.  Even cities such as New York, which installed 1,377 new bike racks last year is […]