Your Coverage of Bike to Work Day

  • Ubrayj02

    The people working at the “Watch The Road” bureau need to all be fired. Their ads SUCK.

    Ride a bike to relieve congestion for other people?! Who are these idiots and what marketing school did they all flunk out of.

    Hey, buy this cell phone because it will help other people’s call be better quality.

    Check out this beer! It makes everyone else at the bar better able to order their drinks.

    OMG, you should totally buy this car! It will improve everyone elses commute times if you are in this amazing car!


  • Sadly the Watch The Road ad is at least doubly flawed. Not only is it targeted toward other people’s relief, its congestion relief premise is simply not true. Shoup and others have shown that bicycling (also transit, road-widening) don’t relieve automobile congestion. Roadway car congestion is a function of popularity, not capacity, not modal share. With plenty of latent demand, there are lots of cars out there that will keep things just as congested as ever, whether you in the ad audience bike or not.