Today’s Headlines

  • Big Interview with the Woman In Charge of the Westside Subway and Regional Connector (Planning Report)
  • LADOT: 16 Miles of Bike Lanes in the Works (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • GRIST Gives Major, Major Props to Mayor Villaraigosa
  • Then V Gets More Love from Sierra Club President (HuffPo)
  • For God’s Sake, Just Pass the Transportation Bill (SacBee)
  • Bev. Hill Residents Ready to Rumble Over Subway (Courier)
  • Reyes Ready to Fight Chinatown Wal Mart Proposal (LAT)
  • Gas Tax Cut a Solution to High Prices, Suggests State Legislator (Sac Bee)
  • Gas Prices Show Slight Decline (Daily News)
  • Time Running Out for “Zev for Mayor?” (LA Weekly)

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  • Ubrayj02

    I can tell you how to stop the Chinatown Walmart: turn Chinatown into a nice place to walk and a shitty place to drive, force WalMart to zero-park their store or drastically reduce the allowed parking on site.

    Why locate in Chinatown if you’re WalMart? Rapid access to several poor neighborhoods in a STROAD-rich area, bounded by freeways.

    WalMart designed to fit into a car-light environment wouldn’t be that bad, and I doubt even their economy of scale can honestly compete with the ultra low-cost goods already available to the walk-up traffic in Chinatown.

    What will likely happen, since touching car-only street/road hybrids is a big no-no of LA politics: a lot of whining for leftists, “protests” covered by indy media, right wing propaganda on the radio and in the papers about how terrible a place Chinatown is and we should all be happy WalMart is choosing to locate there.

    They chose the one part of town where cheap chinese goods already flood the streets. I think it is all about locations to freeways and Average Daily Trips through the area. Cut off the car-only roads, and WalMart has no chance while locally based retailers will thrive (if you do it right).