Your Coverage of the Sunset Triangle Plaza Opening

Yesterday, the Sunset Triangle Plaza opened in Silver Lake on Griffith Park Blvd between Edgecliffe Dr. and Maltman Ave. opened for business. For months, pictures of the green polka dots, bike corrals and other upgrades to the area have trickled out on the Internet, whetting the appetite of Livable Streets Advocates and Silver Lake residents alike.

Sadly, I was out of town over the weekend and missed the opening. However, thanks to the magic of Storify, we are able to highlight some of the stories and images that made yesterday such a great day. We’ll have some original coverage of the park a little later this week.

  • I think the Storify code may not be embedded quite right? Nothing’s showing up.

  • Nate
  • Sometimes it doesn’t load correctly because of the amount of images I used.  Thanks for the note, I went and edited it so it’s a little smaller now;.

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    It’s absolutely beautiful!

  • king

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