Today’s Headlines

  • Local Agencies Such as SFCTA, OCTA Looking to HSR Bonds for Local Boosts (LAT)
  • Re-Districting Maps Could Get Vote As Early as Wednesday (Daily News)
  • LA Weekly Doesn’t Like Spring Street Bike Lane Or Xeriscaping Plans for City Hall Lawn
  • Occupy 90210 Protester Hit By Car (US Stream)
  • Plans Differ for Park 101 (Planning and Development Report)
  • You’re the Sheriff, Don’t You Know the Law? (LAT)
  • Southland Gas Prices Still Rising, Highest Since May 2011 (Daily News)
  • Senator Feinstein Decries Effort to Delay CA Train Safety Measure (CoCo Times)
  • San Francisco Considering “Permanent” Sunday Streets Route (SF Streetsblog)

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Streetsblog is taking the rest of the day off to celebrate President’s Day.  See you tomorrow.

  • James Biffin

    A city as large as LA should have two weekly papers.  If a small town like Portland can have two we should have an alternative to a paper that is located next to the 405 and apparently run by kids from Orange County.  It seems like every news outlet repeats the bogus green argument without much thought or any research.  It is nothing more than a talking point crafted to give people a reasonable sounding reason for opposing bike lanes.  Just wait until LA paints its first yellow zebra, we’ll be hearing about the film industry’s woes trying to remove yellow from “anytown USA. ”   I’ve long feared that sad overweight rag would be responsible for a backlash that would bicycle stall plans for years.  If it can happen in SF..

  • TAPMan

    We did have two alternatives.  Unfortunately the Los Angeles CityBeat could not match up to the strength of the Village Voice’s LA Weekly.  That plus the arrival of ‘blogs…like this one!

  • Anonymous

    It was just announced today that food critic Jonathan Gold is jumping ship from the LA Weekly and has taken a position at the LA Times.  His column was literally the only thing worth reading in that rag, so now I won’t read it at all.