Cassandra Freeman, Lady Vixen

I met Cassandra at a ride to the Watts Towers organized by the CicLAvia South L.A. Host Committee. Not only did the bike have an incredible level of detail and craftsmanship, she had coordinated her outfit to go with the bike. She is, in other words, style in motion. She was kind enough to tell me about the bike then and invite me to meet the Rydaz photographed here. She first joined up with the club after seeing them riding in a parade. She had been riding on her own up in Pasadena for a while, but was glad to find others to ride with. Especially as a woman–there weren’t always so many on the road. Seeing more ladies out on the road more frequently these days is empowering, but, she says, she would like to encourage more women to get on bikes. Cassandra is also one tough rider. She was doored recently, when a woman refused to heed the warnings of other members of the group and opened the door right into her, splitting her shoe open, giving her a big gash in her leg, and sending her flying. The incident was quite serious, leaving Cassandra bleeding and putting an end to the ride outing that day. Laughing, however, Cassandra admitted that her first thought was about protecting the expensive custom bike from damage rather than herself.


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