Metro Staff Taking Civil Rights Plans to Local Service Councils

Dan Levy, Metro’s Director of Civil Rights Programs Compliance, is presenting this month to the Service Councils for their input Civil Rights Policy Updates mentioned in the Civil Rights Corrective Action Plan:

“A new draft definition of a major service change for all service (Bus and Rail) has been drafted. The new major service change policy defines when a Title VI and EJ analysis must be done. The definition, together with a definition of fare changes requiring an equity analysis will be taken for public comment and feedback during December 2011 and January 2012.” (see p.6 and attachment #4)

This occurs as the Federal Transit Administration is in the midst of promulgating a proposed revision of the Circular outlining Title VI requirements and a new Circular of Environmental Justice guidance. The presentation notes the policy revisions reflect the updated guidance proposals which it dubs “more clear and unambiguous”.

Metro promises public outreach on the policy proposals including meetings and social media activities. As the Service Council presentation was delayed a month I expect the outreach will start in February. Just another part of Metro’s response to the Title VI compliance review.