Streetsies 2011 Person of the Year

Your nominees are the Streetsie “People of the Year” from earlier with the runners up for each award thrown in for good measure.

Politician of the Year: Antonio Villaraigosa+

Runner Up: Mark Ridley-Thomas

Advocate of the Year: Sunyoung Yang

Advocate of the Year: Colin Bogart

Blogger of the Year: Brigham Yen

Runner Up: Ted Rogers

Government Worker of the Year: Rye Baerg

Runner Up: Planning’s Claire Bowen, LADOT’s Kang Hu

Streetsblog Contributor of the Year: Dana Gabbard

Runner Up: Mark Vallianatos

Who is the Streetsblog Person of the Year

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  • Figures. I cast my vote for Colin, only to find out I’d be in 2nd place if I voted for myself.

    Seriously, there are some amazing people on this list, and I am more than flattered just to be among them; finishing second to Yen as blogger of the year is an honor in itself.

    However, there’s one name missing from that list. I’d like to cast  write-in vote for Chris Kidd, whose work on the cyclist anti-harassment ordinance outdid us all and helped push it over the top.

    Thanks to you, Damien and crew, for the great work you all do in covering L.A. transportation issues. Streetsblog is the hub that connects virtually everyone who is passionate about improving the safety, efficiency and livability of our streets.

  • Anonymous

    I voted for Dana Gabbard because he alone reads through all the endless staff reports from LA Metro to find endless nuggets of truth and amazement.

  • TAPman, I am humbled at your kind gesture. How ironic I read it after a 2 hour session of staff report reading during the wee hours at a Cyber Cafe. I am almost caught up with my Metro Board reading (just have Oct. Board and Nov. Committee/Dec. Board reports to plow through). How about these two tidbits from the Oct. 19th Metro Board Finance, Budget and Audit Committee meeting agenda?

    In re Crenshaw light rail “the project schedule at this time includes a
    forecast for the Revenue Service date of December 2018. (item #20, p.3)

    “Headway (frequency) improvement on Pasadena Gold Line is 70% complete.
    The goal is to attain five minute headways … Staff working with South Pasadena and Pasadena cities to implement the more frequent service on the Gold Line by the third quarter in FY 12.” (item #24, table on the last page).


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