Negligent Driver Tries to Take an Early Trip on Expo

Exactly what it looks like. Photo: Gökhan Esirgen

By now, many of you have seen the pictures that Gökhan Esirgen took of a car sitting on the Expo tracks at the station of Exposition Boulevard and Vermont Avenue that appeared on the Transit Coalition forum Tuesday evening.  A quick call to the Expo Construction Authority confirmed that the picture shows exactly what people thought it showed, a distracted driver actually took a left onto the Expo tracks.

The Authority was quick to point out the signs and other markings which clearly state that cars do not belong on train tracks, perhaps spooked by all the attention given to the on-street crossings for Expo. While my photo library for the station doesn’t show the signs, I was mostly looking at the bike lanes which ran parallel to the station not crossing it, I do remember the signage being pretty clear about what was happening.

But in the end, all the signage, gates and safety devices in the world don’t amount to much if a negligent driver is determined to cause havoc.  In this case, the damage was minimal.  The car stopped before it could do any real damage to the tracks and testing resumed later on Tuesday afternoon.

7 thoughts on Negligent Driver Tries to Take an Early Trip on Expo

  1. Calgary has a special car-trapping pit with raised rail at each end of 7th Avenue South to prevent this sort of thing.  Maybe LA Metro needs to install some?

  2. Angelenos aren’t the quickest to pick up on new ideas… driver probably wondered what this newfangled road made out of rails was… a “rail-road”, if you will.

  3. From the photo, the person turned into the station and made it all the way to the end, probably only noticing once the paved track portion ran out and they dropped into the ballast.  This is at least 100′, if not more.

    Any bets that this person was on their cell phone?

  4. I could mention that just because transit advocates and railfans have been following this project closely, doesn’t mean that more typical Angelenos know or care anything about it.

  5. What a complete bonehead (the driver of this car). Too bad his car wasn’t damaged.
    And, I thinkk, the car would do only minimal (if any) damage to steel rails and reinforced concrete ties, than the opposite. The lunatic driver deservers to receive a juicy citation for doing such a stupid thing.

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