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We’re putting off the last installment of our Long Beach series until Monday.  Have a great weekend and we’ll see you here next week.


Today’s Headlines

Playa Del Mar Backlash Brings Out Worst In Drivers (Biking in L.A.) It Is Difficult To Get A Stop Sign (Walk Eagle Rock) Metro Approves $81.5M For Blue Line Interlockings To Reduce Delays (Curbed) Could Bicyclists And Motorists Compromise (CityWatch) Huizar Moves To Make 6th Street Bridge More Ped-Friendly (Urbanize) L.A. Moves To Legalize Sidewalk Food […]
Relying on the gas tax instead of replacing it with mileage-based driving fees could cost Oregon $340 million over 10 years, according to the state DOT. Image: ODOT [PDF]

Oregon’s Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fees: Ready for Prime Time, But Waiting for Approval

Oregon has led the way in developing an alternative to the gas tax, with a pilot program that levies a fee on vehicle miles traveled. While the Oregon Department of Transportation has spent years developing the mileage-based program and is ready to expand it to all vehicles statewide, it's not part of the massive transportation spending package under discussion at the legislature.