The Week in Livable Streets Events

This is by far the busiest Week in Livable Streets Events calendar we’ve ever done.  It’s pretty amazing to see all of the different things happening this week.  City Council, Metro Board of Directors and at the end of it all a very interesting Critical Mass.

Monday – Here’s the second of our three community updates on the Westside Mobility Plan.  Get the details, here.

Monday/Thursday – The California High Speed Rail Authority hosts a pair of community meetings on the eastside…Monday’s is in Boyle Heights and Thursday’s is in Alhambra.  Get the details, here.

Tuesday – Move L.A. hosts their second transportation conference at the Cathedral on Temple Street.  At their 2008 conference, the seeds were planted for Measure R.  Who knows what will come from this year?  Measure R 2?  Get all the details, including a diverse and impressive speaker’s list, here.

Tuesday – At 10:00 A.M. the City Council meets again and will decide whether or not to renew the City’s Red Light Camera Program.  You can read the whole agenda, here.  We won’t be live tweeting the event, but will have a report Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday – The first of three updates on the Regional Connector will be held this Tuesday at 11:30 A.M Downtown.  You can get the details by clicking on that link in the upper-right hand corner of this page, or by clicking here.

Wednesday – At 2:00 P.M. the City Council Transportation Committee meets to discuss Safe Routes to School, removing parking in business districts in San Pedro and Wilmington and more.  Read the agenda, here.

Thursday – Live from Metro Headquarters, its the Metro Board of Directors!  We’ll do our normal “live tweeting” starting at 9:30 A.M.  Once the agenda’s posted, we’ll do a preview.

Friday – Another major conference on the agenda for the week.  “The Architecture of Transportation” design symposium will serve as a forum to discuss innovative ideas about how to build transportation systems that support and strengthen healthier, more functional and more livable neighborhoods.  Get all the details, here.

Friday – Critical Mass rides from Wilshire/Western at 7:00 P.M.  I wonder how the LAPD/Cyclist relationship will be after the Culver City Bike Crash.

Saturday – A much improved section of the Ballona Creek Bike Path opens this weekend from Overland Ave. to the pedestrian bridge.  Pretty cool.  Get the details, here.

  • Anonymous

    The council item on red light cams is actually on Tuesday’s “supplemental” agenda, so the correct link is

    Here is testimony from the June 17 council meeting:

    “The month after we lengthened the yellow lights [in Loma Linda] by
    one second, the number of violations dropped by 90 percent.”  City of
    Loma Linda, California, Mayor Rhodes Rigsby, M.D.

    Not only does the number of violations drop, but also
    there’s a big drop in severe collisions when you lengthen the yellows. 
    Half a second longer will get you a 30% decrease, and one second longer will
    get you a 40% decrease.  Source: “Development of Guidelines for
    Treating Red-Light Running,” by the Texas Transportation Institute, pg.
    2-20.  If you are wondering why the number of accidents doesn’t drop by
    the same large % as the number of violations, it is because most severe
    intersection accidents occur many seconds after the light has gone red –
    because the driver is impaired (medical condition, liquor, drugs), and fails to
    see the red light, at all.  Cameras are totally ineffective against impaired people.

  • Thanks Diego.  I did indeed post the wrong agenda.

    A quick note that the Council didn’t get a majority vote in either direction today and is, yes, voting again tomorrow.  We’ll cover the meeting live starting at 10.