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Upcoming Streetsblog Events:Bike Week, Bike Rides, and the Library Alehouse

Now that last week’s fundraiser is in the books, we wanted to update you on what we have planned in the events department over the next couple of months.  We’ll have a lot more on each of these events in the coming weeks, but for now, here’s what we have on tap:

Saturday, May 14: Westside Family Ride to the Beach


Hopefully the weather will be nicer than this. Photo:Kwong Wee Cheng/Flickr [2]

Trying to fill the gaps left in Bike Week programming, we’re leading a pre-Bike Week family ride to the beach.  This ride is for people of all ages and ride experience and is planned to be a slow ride.  We’ll start at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church’s patio (11555 National Blvd., also where we held our re-launch party last August) at 10:30 A.M.  The route: South down Barrington Blvd. before heading west on Venice..  Another turn on Abbot Kinney before heading West on Washington Boulevard.  We’ll have more details on the ride (sponsors, schwag, a stop on the way…) early next week.

Monday, May 16: Streetfilms Showing with CICLE as part of Bike Week Pasadena


Photo from the January "Taking Back Our Streets" event in Pasadena. This one's our pic.

Streetsblog will be heading back to Pasadena for our second event of the year and this time we’re bringing a batch of Streetfilms.  Come learn how we can make the city of Pasadena more bicycle friendly by looking at some of the best practices in other cities. After about an hour of watching some films, we’ll be having a group discussion on what we watched and how we can apply those lessons in the Southland.  The fun starts at 6:30 P.M. at Boston Court Performing Arts Center, 70 North Mentor Avenue, Pasadena, CA.

Friday, June 17: Bike Routes in NELA, Fundraising Ride with Flying Pigeon


The Inside of the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop. Photo:Waltarrrr/Flickr [5]

Last year, the Flying Pigeon bike shop hosted us for a fundraising bike ride and after party.  The ride started and ended at their shop and followed the same route the old yellow cars did sixty some years ago.  This year we’ll be hitting some of the hot spots in the history of bicycling and bike advocacy in NELA including the Bike Oven, the start point for Northeast L.A. Critical Mass and Cafe de Leche, the home of L.A.’s first bike corral.  Meet at 6:00, we’ll roll at 6:30, and party at 8:00.

Tuesday, August 30: Streetsblog Night at the Library Alehouse in Santa Monica


From The Library Alehouse [7] Website

It’s pretty simple.  Eat or drink at the Library Alehouse (2911 Main Street in Santa Monica) on the August 30th, and 5% of the proceeds go to Streetsblog.  We’ll have a raffle of some sort as well.  Because I love raffles.