Today’s Headlines

  • “Out of City” Residents Speak Up for Constellation Ave. Stop at Bev. Hills Meeting (Patch)
  • Video, Pictures, of the Expo Line Tests (The Source)
  • Will Expo Be a Success?  It’s the TOD Stupid! (City Watch)
  • AAA: Cost of Driving up 3.4% in Past Year (USA Today)
  • A Chat with the New Chair of the Bike Advisory Committee (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • A Little Green Space Opens in South L.A. (KCET)
  • New York Looking at FL’s HSR Funds, Too.  Amtrak and Cuomo Apply (Transpo Nation)
  • Profile of Metro Employee and His 174 Round Trip Commute (WSJ)
  • A Reality-Based Look at Congestion (VC Star)

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

  • Pretty lively comment thread on that Beverly Hills Patch article on the Century City station. The director of Bevery Hills USD is accusing Joel Epstein of being a shill for Century City developers. It seems to be unfathomable to him that someone could advocate an intelligent choice for a subway station location because they want to see Metro succeed and not because they have some financial motivation.

  • With all due respect to Mr. Alpern over at City Watch, he’s all about limiting so-called “overdevelopment”, not promoting TOD. Transit oriented development needs some density, even in suburbia. It doesn’t mean you have to drop 30-story monoliths everywhere, but how about 3-5 stories of mixed-use something?

    Fact is people are flipping out over even relatively low-rise projects, and that’s holding transit back.