Meet the L.A. Streetsblog Board: Jessica Meaney

As most of our regular readers know, the past year has been an exciting one for Los Angeles Streetsblog. One of the most exciting things was the creation of a Board of Directors to help guide our Los Angeles efforts. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be doing a series of audio and video interviews to introduce you to our team. Today seemed the perfect day to do our video series with the Safe Routes to Schools National Partnerships woman on the ground in Southern California, Jessica Meaney because tomorrow the Los Angeles City Council will be voting on whether or not to go forward with a new plan for making our streets safe for children to walk and bicycle to school.

While we have discussed the proposed Safe Routes to School Study in the past, there’s nothing like hearing the news straight from an expert. Meaney explains exactly what is happening at Van Nuys City Hall tomorrow and why it’s important.

While advocates (and parents!) have been frustrated by the City’s applications to harness state and local funds to make our streets safer for children, Meaney explains that the State of California is actually ahead of the game.

Meaney, who has lived in Los Angeles since 1997 has been an avid cyclist and noted activist for safe streets before her time with the Partnership. Here, she talks about going on group rides in 2006, and the ever-changing Los Angeles Bike scene.

No matter how safe people are, nobody is ever completely safe on the streets when there are still negligent drivers. Here Meaney recounts her experience as a pedestrian hit in a hit and run crash a couple of years ago.

Last, we always ask interviewees “if you could change one thing about transportation in Los Angeles, what would it be?” Meaney didn’t play by the rules and gave two answers. I like her one about giving mother’s the final say-so best. Especially after she ok’d stay-at-home-dads too.

Next week…meet Joe Linton, again!

  • Kathryn Reid Moore

    Jessica Meaney rocks.
    Thanks for sharing – I hope other SRTS ‘women on the ground’ take to the cause as effectively as she does in California.

  • Give us Dads some love too!!

  • This is pretty great, thanks Damien and SBLA! tho I wonder if my mom might be the only one who makes it through all the vid’s. Maybe it’ll be my dad ;)

    There’s so much collaborative energy these days in feels like – to make SoCal a even better place to call home – to make it more walkable and bikeable and to truly shift the transportation paradigm from valuing cars and how fast they can move through our communities to valuing people, public health, accessibility and safety for everyone.

    I’m inspired almost daily by meetings I participate in where I see so many people working to make things safer and better for everyone, esp our vulnerable community members – kids.

    Good luck to everyone in tomorrow’s vote for the City of LA Safe Routes to School Comprehensive plan – there is a lot of people working to support this. Thanks to all the hard work so many advocates did to secure the Measure R local return for the City of LA to be dedicated to bike/ped projects – they made tomorrow’s vote a possibility – funding is such a huge issue.

    Walking and Biking is 12% of all trips in SoCal but getting less than 1% of all our transportation dollars – we’ve got to change that.

    Thanks again for the spotlight ;)


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