Cartoon Friday: Beware

On February 19, 2010, the Portland City Council passed a Bike Plan.  Just like we saw this week, Portland’s Mayor announced a funding mechanism to make the plan a reality.  For Portland, it was the $20 million “kickstart.”  For Los Angeles, it’s the steady trickle of Measure R local return funds.  But nevertheless, the day after Portland passed its Bike Plan, the super-blog Bike Portland printed this cartoon.  Consider it part joke, part history lesson and part warning.

  • The best way to avoid this situation is to attend BPIT meetings. It puts information and input on projects in the hands of the public.

  • Bob Davis

    If you think bicycle route improvement plans gathering dust are bad, consider all the rail transit plans that received shelf space, but not a penny of funding, going all the way back to the Kelker-DeLeew study in around 1925.