Today’s Headlines

  • Krekorian Takes a Stand Against CEQA Exemption for Farmer’s Field (Daily News, Curbed)
  • Mayor’s Panel to Review Stadium Proposal Tied to AEG (Daily News)
  • AEG Insists Stadium Will Be Privately Funded (LAT)
  • L.A. 7th in Survey of Top Transit Cities in U.S. (US News and World Report)
  • Poll: Californians Think Childhood Obesity is a “Very Serious” Problem (LAT)
  • More on the Downtown Streetcar and the Promised $1.1 Billion (The Source, Blog Downtown, NBC4)
  • More on Saturday’s “Being Pedestrian” Program Downtown (The Source)
  • Brentwood Homeowner: BRT Opposition Not About Economics (City Watch)
  • Find Compromise on Redevelopment War on CRA’s (SacBee)

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  • RE Brenwood Homeowner on BRT Blame the BUS lane for congestion. It works but at the end of the day it does not solve the problem. The BUS lane is part of the solution not part of the problem.

  • I’m a bit surprised at that U.S. News and World Reports list. Apparently, both Minneapolis and Salt Lake City beat us.

    Although we are above Honolulu. I took both Da Bus and the Waikiki Trolley the last time I was on Oahu, and I thought both were pretty good, so good job Los Angeles.

    Getting past San Francisco (#6 on the list) is going to be a challenge, but I think if we keep building subways and the downtown streetcar, keep working on the TAP card and keep fares reasonable (sorry, bicycling didn’t seem to enter into their calculations), we might be able to do it.

    “Okay, BREAK!”