Today’s Headlines

  • Conflicts or Personality and Interest Riddle HSR Board (LAT)
  • New House Leadership Wants to Take Back Federal CAHSR Grant (OC Register)
  • DJ Wheels: Christopher Thompson’s Appeal Might Have a Chance (Biking in L.A.)
  • Plans “In the Works” for TAP Cards with “Debit Card” Like Uses (The Source)
  • Lopez: No Really, Wasn’t the Subway Supposed to Go to the Sea? (LAT)
  • December a Big Month for Bike Activists and Commuters (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Coming Soon, Health Grades for Food Trucks (Daily News)
  • It’s Beginning to Look as Though Harris Will Be Next A.G. (LAT)
  • Carter Talks to Jarrett Walker, Round 2 (The Source)
  • Eighty Percent of Copenhageners Keep on Bicycling Through Their Snowy Nordic Winter (Copenhagenize)

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  • Erik G.

    ‘Tis a good thing Lopez didn’t use any part of this column recounting to his dear readers why the Subway isn’t already servicing (at least) Century City or Westwood today! Am I right Henry and Zev?

  • Roadblock

    The cycling community should be watching the Thompson Case and showing up at any public hearing. It’s obvious that when judges know the public is watching, they hand out harsh sentences.

  • Be sure to read down to the bottom of The Source, where it says they will “sell TAP cards at a limited number of ticket vending machines.”

    Also, shared value in the second quarter of next year? Yes, please!