Today’s Headlines

  • Long Beach Gets New Bike Corrals (EcoVillage)
  • Speaking of Which, Will Corrals Be Part of Huizar Living Streets Initiative? (Living Streets)
  • ESPN Looks at the Stadium Situation
  • K-Town Hit and Run Kills Elderly Woman Pedestrian (LAist)
  • Naming a Crosswalk After a Slain Child Is More Sad Than Anything Else (CityWatch)
  • Beck Marks Year as L.A.’s Top Cop (LAT)
  • Buildings Don’t Cause Traffic, Drivers Do (Brigham Yen)
  • Most Drivers Prefer Traditional Over Green Cars (Daily News)
  • Latinos, Asians, More Worried about Environment than Whites (LAT)
  • Why We Write About All These Depressing Crashes (Biking In L.A.)
  • How About CicLAvia in South L.A.?
  • London Driver Who Killed Cyclist While Drunk and on Cell Phone Gets 7 Years (UK Guardian)
  • Oh, Bicycle Christmas Tree, O Bicycle Christmas Tree… (Cycleicious)

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  • That bike corral is awesome. It’s such an easy, cheap thing to do, and it really helps to highlight the opportunities you give up when you dedicate land to car parking.

    Hopefully we soon get to the point where we shrug this off with something like “oh, another bike corral, what’s the big deal?”

  • I cannot believe that LA is being left in the dust when we’ve got such a large number of dedicated riders, advocates, and alleged friends in City Hall.

    How can a city government suck so much that it can’t even experiment with a bike corral? The one proposed corral in front of Cafe de Leche in Highland Park has been delayed and delayed and delayed yet again AND they want the owner of the cafe to pay a “permit fee” of over $7,000. WTF?!

    Public property (the corral) being installed on public property (the one parking space) by public employees to benefit the entire area and one coffee shop owner has to foot the bill.

    We need to name and shame the jokers at LADOT blocking our one corral from moving forward.

  • I think the line LADOT is going with is “you can pry this one parking space from our cold, dead hands…”

  • Pervy Cyclist

    holy johnnies Suja Lowenthal is HAWT! If we had a councilwoman like that in LA I’d be at every public comment gigity gigity gigity.

  • Damien,

    Thanks again for helping us spread the word on bike parking, an important element of the everyday cyclist’s pleasant experience. As for funding, these corrals cost about $1,500 each, which is a bargain in the transport world for infrastructure. We are about to place 40 of them around the city in addition to some 2,000 art/bike racks using stimulus funds.

  • Not gonna lie, kind of jealous at the moment!