Today’s Headlines

Bailey speaks after a session at March’s Street Summit

  • Bike Advisory Committee Chair Glenn Bailey a Candidate for Greig Smith’s Council Seat (Biking In L.A.)
  • Box: Lessons from Laurel Canyon, We Need to Do More to Protect Pedestrians Than Fix Crosswalks (City Watch)
  • Great L.A. Walk Takes on Venice Boulevard This Weekend (LAist)
  • Elysian Valley L.A. River Walk/Bike Path Newly Striped (Creek Freak)
  • There’s No Such Thing as the Aqua Line (Curbed)
  • LaHood Promises Redistributed HSR Funds Will Be “Well Spent” (WaPo)
  • Boxer and Feinstein Have an Idea How to Spend Them (CAHSR)
  • Gov. Still Working on Climate Change (LAT)
  • “See Something, Say Something?”  Hey, TSA!  I See Some Schmucks Feeling Up a Bunch of People in the Airport (The Source)
  • More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

    • Will Campbell

      Wow. What a shame — not only in Streetsblog LA getting the Great LA Walk’s route wrong (it was WILSHIRE Boulevard, not Venice), but in seeing fit not to provide any coverage of the unique event beyond that grossly incorrect headline.