Eyes on the Street: Give Me 3 Starts to Go Down


Easy come.
...easy go.
...easy go.

We knew it wouldn’t last forever, but making it to Thanksgiving would have been nice.

While traveling around the city last week, I noticed that some of the “Give Me 3” P.S.A. posters that had been placed at bus stops around the city and county were already removed.  Last Monday, I noticed one on Martel adjacent to Park LaBrea was gone.  Later in the week, while taking Sammy for a walk, I noticed that both of the ones at Pico and Barrington were also replaced.

That being said, most of the ones that I’ve spotted are still up, but apparently the minimum shelf life for these P.S.A.’s is two months.  As you move throughout the town, take a second to see if your Give Me 3 has survived into its third month.

On an unrelated note, does anyone else find it weird that the same green Volkswagon bug is in both pictures at Pico and Barrington??

  • It’s my understanding that there are a ton of extra posters that will get put up in new spots as space becomes available. I’ll look into it further for you guys. Maybe get a few extras released to Streetsblog and LACBC as fundraiser auction items?

  • M

    I’ve seen some disappear, some switched to a different side of the bus stop poster thing and new ones appear. In Old Town area of Pasadena on Colorado and Los Robles, almost every single bus stop had a poster recently.

  • After conferring with various contacts, here’s what I’ve managed to get: The City has a set number of Give Me 3 posters that will be posted on kiosks as space becomes available. Some posters come down when that space is rented out, some posters come down when another City-themed poster goes up (Watch the Road, NC-specific posters, etc). Posters that come down, if reusable, will be held onto in order to put them up in new locations when space opens up. I’m working on securing taken-down posters that have small tears on them and thus are deemed non-reusable. No reason those can’t recirculated through the bicycle community.

  • Thanks, Mr. Blog.

    We have a couple of “Caution Pass With Care” posters in the kiddie. We’d take some Give Me 3’s as well…


  • “On an unrelated note, does anyone else find it weird that the same green Volkswagon bug is in both pictures at Pico and Barrington??”

    I find it more weird that there’s a poster for a Mar Vista meeting at Pico and Barrington.

  • Will Campbell

    Meanwhile those stoopid “bikes are only fer kids” watchtheroad.org billboards ain’t going anywhere.

  • Mihai Peteu

    Well, it’s time to get back to wheat pasting Share The Road posters all over the place.

  • Larry

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but only now decided to comment on it.

    Have you at all noticed that these billboards mainly face the pedestrian side of the side-walk, not the road side? Was the “Give Me Three” campaign planned this way? Because I would have thought that it would make more sense to tell the drivers to give cyclists three feet, not pedestrians. And if the ads are facing the pedestrian side, it kind of defeats the purpose. I do realize that there are enough people that walk and drive, but people might not think about it when not in their cars. The first photo is completely illustrative of this, and I’ve seen many more that are oriented in the same way (pedestrian facing).

    Just wondering if it was planned this way, or if it was the only placement the budget would afford, etc.

    I’m personally of the opinion that it probably would have been more effective if facing the driver side, because that is the audience you’re aiming for.

    Just curious…

  • I have noticed that they’ve been placed in many different types of locations. Some perfectly placed, such as on Glendale or Vermont, facing the motorists and sometimes not so perfectly placed – facing the sidewalk. But remember, many of those pedestrians may be getting into a car at some point.
    These are mainly free spaces the city has access to.

    And as Bike blog notes, they notified us that they will be rotating the posters at different locations through December.