The Week in Livable Streets Events

sblog_calendar Public hearings for Metro rail projects and the city’s bike plan roll on.  We also have some interesting public events at the end of the week, including a fundraiser for L.A. Streetcar Inc.

Monday – Wednesday – While both public hearings for the Westside Subway will have the same presentations; the Monday hearing in Beverly Hills could be the most exciting.  The last time Metro held a hearing in Beverly Hills on the Subway to Westwood, the media showed up expecting an outraged public.  Instead, they got a mostly supportive one.  Will Monday be a rerun?  For more information on the hearing, click here.

Tuesday – Regional Connector hearings kickoff Downtown.  Historically, the Japanese-American community Downtown have opposed the connector because of the impact construction could have on several cultural landmarks.  Metro’s made some moves to try and address these criticisms, because this project is considered by many to be the keystone of all the Measure R projects.  For more information, click here.

Wednesday – Thursday – Bike plan hearings roll on after kicking off on Saturday.  Wednesday night is the Westside’s turn, and Thursday is a rare bike plan outreach meeting in South Central Los Angeles.  For more information, click here.

Thursday – Thursday evening there will be a fundraiser for L.A. Streetcar Inc.  You can get some details in the calendar section, but we’ll also have a feature article a little later this week.

Friday – Mark Lakeman will guide participants through a slideshow lecture on turning streets into public spaces.  Naturally, this event will be held at one of my favorite places, the L.A. Eco-Village!  Check out the Eco-Village events website for more information.

Saturday – We usually don’t promote events “all the way” down in Long Beach, but this one looks too interesting too ignore…a bike tour of the Port of Long Beach.  There are several “guided tours” of the port that day for cyclists, and you can get the details here.

3 thoughts on The Week in Livable Streets Events

  1. Metro has bent over backwards to respect the Japanese-American community’s (and the Little Tokyo community’s) wants, wishes and desires, and the end result is that the current preferred alternative for the Regional Connector is completely underground (with portals to the existing Gold Line on the east side of First/ Alameda).

    I would be shocked and surprised if there was any significant remaining protests from the community as a whole (beyond a few anti-rail kooks).

    Of course, the all-underground alternative is not without its downside, as the Bonaventure Hotel station may be cut to reduce the added costs brought on by the new design.

    However, no one can reasonably say that the MTA has not been surprisingly considerate to the Japanese-American community.

  2. Thursday’s Bike Plan hearing is not in Koreatown. It’s in South Central, at Vermont and 85th.

    This is notable because the bike plan’s outreach process to low-income and immigrant cyclists has been pretty bad. At least this meeting will be in one of LA’s low income communities.

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