Los Angeles Streetsblog – Now Advertiser Supported

I’m sure that by now you’ve noticed the advertisement for Flying Pigeon L.A. that appeared on the website yesterday.  Yes, after months of planning, L.A. Streetsblog is now advertiser supported. This new revenue stream will allow Streetsblog to continue publishing in Los Angeles without financial support from New York and allows advertisers to speak directly to the tens of thousands of Streetsblog readers every month.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that Flying Pigeon is the first organization to purchase advertising on the website given the role their owner has taken in our comments section and their sponsorship of our second fundraiser.  I also purchased the Streetsblog Baby Mover there, and would recommend the store even if they weren’t an advertiser.  If you’re interested in a quality road bike, I would click on that link on the right and check them out.  (Tell them Streetsblog sent you…)

There are four kinds of advertisements now available on the site.  The one you see on the right, and one’s others that are half that size, can be bought on a monthly basis.  For advertisements such as the ones viewable below, we’ll sell them on a “per view” basis.  Streetsblog doesn’t discriminate based on anything except we won’t publish ads that are slanderous, libel or just plain untruthful.  If you’re interested in a copy of our rate sheet, just send me an email at damien@streetsblog.org.  Yes, you can advertise on any and all of the Streetsblogs.

Here’s the spacing for our other advertisements.  The banner advertisement at the top is 720×90 pixels.  The one on the side is 300×250.  The current Flying Pigeon advertisement is 120×120 and smaller ones are available at 120×60.

9 15 10 ad

  • Marcotico

    Hey Joseph! Quit wasting all your money on advertising and get around to updating your website. Don’t you know that virtual presence is the wave of the future! I want to virtually browse your store without having to get off my butt and actually going there. In fact, after I virtually browse your bikes, I’m going to go for a virtual bike ride! ;)

  • LOL, you’re right of course. You’d be surprised how hard it is to run an online store and a brick and mortar! There’s never enough time.

    But Streetsblog is never a waste of money!

  • Im eagerly awaiting the first toyota ad to be posted alongside a story that starts with “a 67 year old driving a Toyoto Camry killed 3 today….”

    No, I’m not eagerly awaiting deaths, just the ironic ads.