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The “Food Truck Wars” at Museum Square Are Getting Political. Video via LAist

  • Some Upset at New City Policy on Parking at Broken Meters (LAist)
  • Pols and Advocates: 30/10 Now Not Whenever (The Source)
  • LAT: Obama’s Infrastructure Bank Should Help 30/10
  • There’s Little the City Can Do When the President Wants to Shut Down the City to Raise Money (Daily News)
  • Update on the Malibu/PCH/Cyclists Controversy (Bikeside, Malibu Times)
  • CHP: Car Thefts Dow 15% in CA (LA_Now)
  • The Source Is Going to Take Comments, But It Won’t Be a Free-For-All
  • Zev for Mayor? (LAist)
  • Former LADOT Bike Coordinator Takes Charge of Bikes in Omaha (The World)

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  1. Regarding the Malibu Times article, I posted the following comment at their site:

    A clarification about what I said:
    Currently the California Vehicle Code requires all vehicles passing another vehicle to do so on a manner that does not affect the safe operation of the vehicle being passed. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has recently joined the statewide campaign to codify a three-foot minimum passing distance and begun a citywide public safety campaign to that effect. However, the CVC does not currently codify that a safe distance is three feet.

    The greatest misunderstanding by motorists is the proper lane position of a bicyclist. Most motorists would be shocked to know that the legal lane position on most of PCH is smack in the middle of the right lane. Bicyclists that are riding on the shoulder do so out of courtesy to motorists, but are not legally required to do so. Motorists are legally required to yield to traffic in front of them and pass only when safe. A bicyclist riding in the lane on PCH is not impeding traffic because there is a second lane in the same direction allowing faster moving traffic to pass.

  2. I wish to echo Lauren’s sentiments. I’ve worked with Carlos on group projects before and found him to be sharp, insightful, and highly knowledgeable. I wish him the best of luck in Omaha!

  3. I wish to echo Sirinya’s comments. Carlos was a good classmate, and hard worker. Good luck to him. I was kind of amused that the article went to great lengths to appease the Omahamians, that is salary was paid by state and federal funds and not local taxes. Good thing that story didn’t have a comments page ;)

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