Trio of Progressive Planners Running for Westwood Neighborhood Council


Tomorrow, the Westswood Neighborhood Council will hold its yearly elections.  While Streetsblog can’t make endorsements, we can note that a trio of "UCLA trained Urban Planners," Madeline Brozen, Dan Friedman, and Juan Matute, are running together for three different seats, and in large measure are running on a Livable Streets agenda.  in their agenda, you’ll find a lot about the Subway to the Sea, bicycle and pedestrian planning and even a discussion of the "last mile" problem surrounding Metro’s transit hubs.  Also, as one might expect for graduates trained at "Shoup University", there’s a plank on parking pricing.

Objective 3: Improving the neighborhood’s difficult parking situation.

  • Work with the city and private lot owners to standardize
    off-peak rates, make curb parking prices competitive, and build signage
    to direct people to available off street parking.
  • Promote signage to help guide neighborhood visitors to existing parking resources.

To read the rest of their platform, visit their campaign website.  Westwood residents, business owners and other interested parties can vote at the Westwood Recreation Center tomorrow between 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.

  • Madeline

    ANYONE AND EVERYONE who has a stake in Westwood can come out and vote tomorrow. If you frequent a business, go to the movies, the farmers market, are a university student, etc, please come out and support the chance to diversify the voices in Westwood.

    Thanks and see you at the voting booths!


  • If anyone wants to ride from the east-ish side of the city (Pico-Union, K-town, DTLA, Silver Lake, etc) to UCLA to vote tomorrow, message me, I’m trying to put together a little group ride to get out the vote.