Metro Board and BRU on Collision Course?

6_22_10_bru.jpgPhoto: Corey Moore/KPCC
Looking over the agenda for the Metro Board meeting Thursday I see no sign of any items being included relating to the impending fare increase and/or the holding of any public hearings to consider a delay or rescinding of same.

I'm sure many of you are aware the Bus Riders Union has engaged in a full court press these past few months demanding such a hearing and further that the fare increase not be implemented.

The May 27th Board meeting ground to a halt with a contingent of BRU supporters mounting a noisy demonstration.

Now with the increase due to take effect July 1st and no sign of any support for their demands among from the members of the Metro Board (I think it is fair to say their tactics have eroded whatever support the BRU may have had at one point from a few sympathetic Board members offended at the repeated BRU accusations of racism), one reads the BRU leadership's outlining of next steps from their monthly meeting agenda as an indication of if anything their intention to escalate their confrontational tactics at this month's Board meeting. I don't see any other way of reading "...what we need to do is have a deeper strategy conversation about what we are willing to do from here on out. We must continue to be in the faces of our key targets and build a broader citywide force that lets them know that 'we have had it up to here' and business as usual will not continue as long as justice is not served."

Metro's Board last month had two BRU protesters eventually arrested and the rest of the BRU supporters decamped when the Board chair decided enough was enough after the protest dragged on for hours, preventing the Board from considering any agenda items.

I don't see a reversal of course by the Board capitulating to BRU bullying is in the cards. So I think it is fair to anticipate things might get a little ugly this month. And while hordes of BRU supporters being dragged from the room screaming under arrest may make for a lively picture, it will achieve zero to stop the fare increase.