What Do You Want Streetsblog to Cover at the StreetSummit Part III


 Ok folks, here we are at the last of three stories asking you to help me plan my weekend.  So far the only comment I’ve gotten is Joe Linton encouraging me to go to the LADOT and DCP report on the City Bike Plan, which didn’t even make my list of workshops which I was most interested in attending.  If nothing else, I half expected Spokker to vote for me to go to a bunch of sessions that didn’t have anything to do with bicycles.

So here are the workshops that I’m most interested in covering for the third and last session.  If you want me to cover one, let me know in the comments section and I’ll go to the one with the most votes.  You can vote on the other sessions here and here.

  • Kevin

    I’d love to see some coverage of bike related info. I live in the San Fernando Valley (Studio City/Valley Village area) and don’t see too much dealing with that area. I commute to work by bike, dodging open parked car doors and distracted drivers, who are clueless about sharing the road. Besides needing more bike lanes… the city’s occupants need to be made aware of how to better share the road. Would like to see more info on how bicyclers can become more involved in making these things happen. Thanks.

  • Subverting Urban Planning sounds interesting.

  • i’ll be on the panel of the safe routes program… but i’d like to see you cover shoup’s. even though i’m sure i’ve heard it before in one of his classes.



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