Watch This Video: Livable Streets Visionaries Gather in NYC

With all the remarkable recent livable streets improvements in New York, it’s no surprise the tenth annual Walk21
Conference chose the Big Aplle. Visitors and attendees
salivated over new pedestrian infrastructure and public spaces,
including tours of the recently opened High Line and a special visit to the soon-to-be-restored High Bridge.
Featuring a plethora of speakers, design charrettes and walking
workshops, the three-day event drew experts from the UK, Austria,
Japan, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Italy, and Australia, among other places.

We were able to speak with the organizers as well as conference
registrants, and also got a chance to chat with headliners such as Jan Gehl, Janette Sadik-Khan, Kristina Alvendal (Vice Mayor of Stockholm), and Gil Peñalosa
(Walk and Bike for Life, Ontario) about the future of walking and the
vital importance of this conference in inspiring world leaders.

  • DJB

    It’s good to see conferences like this happening. Improving walkability really isn’t rocket science from a technical standpoint. To be able to walk there has to be something close by, which implies a need for cities with lots of stuff per unit of land area and a mixture of land uses.

    Again and again, the barrier to clean, healthy transportation is suburbia (with its low density and segregated land uses). It’s long past time to value something in urban form besides lawns and cars.