Introducing Today’s Guest Writers: Browne Molyneux and Randall Flemming

The Bus Bench is one of the few websites that I go to on a near-daily basis to read the news and opinions of a series of writers including those of Randall "BusTard" Flemming and Browne Molyneux. The Bus Bench's dynamic duo bring voices to the transportation reform movement from a number of angles that are too often under-represented on the Internet.

10_8_09_ran_and_browne.jpgPhoto: Steve Payne

Browne Molyneux is a freelance journalist, conceptual artist and a friendly gadfly in the LA based blogosphere. She runs an information space called The Public Library. She formerly wrote a transportation column for LA City Beat: Tracks and is a contributor to LA Eastside. She does not own a motorized vehicle, but she does have a bike and a TAP card.

RANDALL (BusTard) FLEMING has spent two decades working in most every facet of publishing. A former magazine publisher (Angry Thoreauan, 1987-2001), he has also contributed to a great many books, periodicals and newspapers in Los Angeles and New York: New York Post, Brooklyn Spectator, Discover Hollywood!, Ben Is Dead, Flipside, Los Feliz Ledger, Sabotage in The American Workplace (Pressure Drop Press), Notes From the Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture (Verso), and several of the Unreinforced Masonry Studio books about Los Angeles.