Streetfilms: San Francisco’s Foggy Sunday Streets

This week’s newest offering from Streetfilms highlights the fantastic tradition of "Sunday Streets" in San Francisco.  As Ben Fried notes in the New York write-up of the film, in both cities last year’s ground-breaking idea is this year’s "traditional event."

Film maker John Hamilton explains how some mediocre weather didn’t stop the event from being a gigantic success, again.

Despite a blanket of fog, the last San Francisco Sunday Streets of 2009
was, from all accounts, a smashing success, one of the most popular so
far, with thousands of people enjoying four activity-filled hours of
pristine car-free space through Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway.
Kids, families, bicyclists, skaters, dancers, and even the MTA Chief
Nat Ford came out to enjoy the carfree zone.

Note to L.A. City Hall, these events are catching on around the country and have universally been hailed as great successes.  As an added bonus to trying it here, we don’t have to worry about a "blanket of fog" on a Sunday in the Summer.

  • It is clear to me, after having watched this video, why this won’t happen in L.A. any time soon. Our city is based on preventing this sort of meaningful human contact at all costs. The Sunset Junction festival and numerous other events held in the streets are allowed only if there is a barrier fence, a gate fee, and/or numerous costly studies that absolve the City’s various departments from any perceived “liability”. The first thing the papers would report on for an event like this would be “OMG, there was no parking at the car-free event! This is elitist!”.

    Maybe in a few years, with a more enlightened mayor’s office, we’ll get the Ciclovia-style events we ought to have. Until then, sigh, it’s up to Streetsblog to keep the dream alive.

  • Anyone interested in working on a ciclovía for Los Angeles should check out, the website for cicLAvia. And if you’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around, pass it on so we can pay for a street closure!