Streetfilms: Take a Ride on the Seattle Streetcar

Seattle’s South Lake Union Streetcar
is a 1.3-mile line that opened in December 2007, the first leg in the
city’s commitment to new transit and light rail. It passed the half
million passenger milestone in its first year, surpassing ridership

The streetcar features many top-of-the-line tech amenities, including
real time arrival message boards, solar-powered ticket vending
machines, and human-activated doors to save energy while the train is
in layover mode. If you go to the Seattle Streetcar web site, you can find out the next arrival time and actually watch the streetcars moving via GPS trackers.

As you’ll see in the film, development is booming along the South Lake
Union corridor. "If you build it, they will come" certainly seems to
apply here.

  • I am proud of my hometown.

    King County passed a measure to expand light rail last November. There has been a sea change of opinion.

    I might be able to take light rail from the airport as soon as the Christmas. There is quality bus service as well.

  • LAofAnaheim

    11 stops in 1.3 miles?? That sounds like a very slow line. Anyways, kudos to the project. An expansion is seriously needed on a rail line only 1.3 miles.

  • Anybody catch the money quote there at the end?

    “This is a tool for economic development more than just a tool for transit” or something to that effect.

    Honestly, the throughput of people on a line shouldn’t be nearly as significant as the benefits that projects like this can bestow on an area – support for a car-free life!

  • Looks nice! I’ll take one along Ventura Blvd between Sherman Oaks and Studio City, please.

  • Not just the throughput but the speed of the line shouldn’t matter as long as it improves benefits for bikes and peds, removing the shackles and bondage of a ton and half of moving steel, aluminum, rubber, plastic and oil.

    Hmmmmm, bondage of steel, rubber, plastic and oil. That sounds kinky. ;-)