New York Gives Us a Broad Vision of Change

The word "change" gets thrown around a lot these days, yet a lot of people still have trouble picturing what "change" would look like when it comes to transportation.  Change is about more than increasing the number of buses and painting sharrows; it’s a vision of reclaiming streets for people instead of cars. 

Today, the New York City Department of Transportation shows us what change looks like with its new vision for a car-free Broadway.  For details, read Aaron Naperstek’s post at NYC Streetsblog.  But since a picture is worth a thousand words, you can see what change looks like in a couple of pictures below.

CarFreeBway-TSQ_1.jpgBefore and After: A rendering of a car-free Broadway at 7th Ave., Times Square, looking north. Download a larger image.

CarFreeBway_HSQ.jpgBefore and After: A rendering of a car-free Broadway at 6th Ave., Herald Square, looking south. Download a larger image.

  • pretty pictures. I like how they have also showed a seasonal change that would result from taking back the streets: The trees on the right are in summer health, while the trees on the left are dormant for the winter.

  • I read about this first thing this morning and almost couldn’t believe it! Thanks for the Streetsblog analysis and awesome photos!

    Can Los Angeles please, please, please, please step up to the plate and do more things like this as well?


  • This could easily be done in downtown LA’s Historic Core. We aren’t in a financial market and when I bring this up in regards to downtown LA (the perfect spot to make car-free in my opinion) everyone acts like I’m the anti-christ killing the dream of the “new downtown.” Downtown LA in Los Angeles is the perfect spot to experiment on car free living, its small, compact, walkable, and oodles of public transit options. Personal vehicles should be banned from the Historic Core.



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