Man Stabbed to Death on Long Beach Bike Trail


Sadly, it’s not just river bike paths that are in need of greater security.

The Long Beach Police Department reports that a 28 year old man was found stabbed to death on the Long Beach bike trail on Tuesday night.

A 28-year-old Long Beach man was found
stabbed to death on the bicycle path along the Los Angeles River flood
control channel near the 1600 block of San Francisco Avenue on Tuesday

Long Beach police officers responded to an unidentified 911
caller who reported a wounded man on the east side of the flood
channel, some 250 yards south of Pacific Coast Highway, about 8:40
p.m., according to an Long Beach Police Department statement.

Anyone who happened to be on the trail near that location at the time of the stabbing should call LBPD homicide detectives Dennis Robbins and Daniel Mendoza at 562-570-7244.

Photo: Rogobliss/Flickr

  • Bummer. I ride that route a lot. :(

  • pt

    I’ve ridden that trial recently with my husband. It is scary! It is totally deserted, saw maybe 2 people in an hour. It is ugly. Mostly industrial area. The river is dirty and polluted. You see scrap metal, abandoned junk, and a few homeless people living along the trial.

    At the same time, there is beauty. The open unobstructed space, the water glistening, the open skies, great views sneak up of the mountains and Signal Hill…

    It is a weird combination of ugly industrial area with some natural life surviving among it.

    Go figure….but after riding it once, I can honestly say, I would never do it again unless I was with a a group of ten people. We saw a group of ten riders cycling as we were leaving and I was thinking that is the safest way to do this path.

    Live and learn…the nicest part was ending up at the 710 near downtown Long Beach, it looked prettier and safer. Next time, we are going to drive the car with the bikes close to that area, and ride in the safe parts.