Who Should Streetsblog Interview Next?

As longtime readers have doubtless noticed, when I travel I try to fill the space on Streetsblog with guest posts or interviews.  To that end, I’m hoping that all of you have some suggestions of interesting people to interview.  I can conduct the interview online, such as the interview posted last week with C.I.C.L.E.’s Liz Elliott or in person such as the interview with author Erik Knutzen.

I’m hoping the interview series will talk to some people who are doing interesting work around the city on Livable Streets issues.  I got some interesting ideas from the this site’s Livable Streets Network group, which is open to anyone, and hope to hear some good ideas in either the comments section or by emailing me at damien@streetsblog.org  soon.

  • I recommend interviewing Jody Litvak with Metro. With today’s confirmation of Measure R’s passage, she might have some interesting insights on how transit, bicycle and pedestrian activists can best monitor and advocate for how that money is spent to create liveable streets.

  • johnny

    Excellent suggestion Dan. The only potential problem with that is that she may not be able to be completely open in an interview for political reasons.

    Heres another idea: a Damien Goodmon interview! Ok, maybe not, but it’d be good if streetflix ever wanted to get into reality tv.

  • A Damien Goodmon interview would certainly get a lot of comments, but I’m looking for people with a lower profile. I agree with you about interviewing government employees, even though I love JL, and am looking for more of the activist type.

    Good ideas though!

  • How about one with Damien Newton?

  • jessica

    A few weeks ago I heard Angela Johnson Meszaros, who is a Environmental Justice Activist, speak at a AB 32 meeting. She was awesome – I’d be interested to read a interview with her and her take on transportation issues in LA. Also, Fernando Guerra is super knowledgeable about all things LA – particularly on politics but wonder what his perspective on transportation in LA might be….and what about somebody from the City Project – they have been doing work on getting transit to connect to greenspace….

    and there’s always spaghetti cat :)


  • Interview Steve Hymon! Since his glorious Bottleneck Blog is folding away, it would be excellent to find out more about his approach to transportation writing.

  • I second Umberto Brayj’s comment. :-)

  • If Goodmon is too high profile, than Stephen is too…maybe I’ll do an interview series before the next BIG BIKE MEETING at City Hall…

  • I completely resent the implication that my profile is high!

    I second the person who suggested the folk at City Project.

  • low profile eh?
    how about someone who does parking day?
    or a landscape architect? like david fletcher? http://fletcherstudio.com/

    or planner- like ryan snyder?

    or allison kendall

  • First transprarency – I work at USC. But I really think that Naj Meshkati, a USC engineering professor would be an interesting person to interview. He’s testified on the issue and does believe in extreme safety. Though I really do want to Expo Line to come through, he makes a compelling argument.

  • Go to the Beverly Center or The Grove and interview random people, see if LA alternative transportation is even on their radar.

  • I suggest Richard Katz, who authored the original legislation that created MTA (Metro) when he was a state Assemblyman and then more than a decade later became an appointee to its Board.


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