Streetfilms: Sunday Parkways Chicago

As I mentioned below, today I’ll be out and about with Streetfilms’ Clarence Eckerson.  To help wet your appetite for what we’re filming today, and the three upcoming Los Angeles Streetsfilms, here’s their most recent offering by Nicholas Whitaker who shot a couple of LA Streetfilms’ last spring.  Whitaker’s film focuses on Chicago;s "Sunday Parkways" festivals where the city shuts down miles or roads to cars to open the street back up for people.  I the film maker’s own words:

By closing down over three miles of parkways to cars for four hours,
the event allowed people of all ages and walks of life to step into the
streets and experience the richness of these neighborhoods in a more
livable way.

Spanning from Garfield Park, through North Lawndale and Little
Village, participants danced, rode bikes, played games, excersised,
walked, talked and enjoyed the beutiful weather.  After years of hard
work, the organizers of this even were able to bring together community
groups and citizens to put on this beutiful experiement in livable
streets. Here is to an even longer and more frequent Sunday Parkways
Chicago next year!