It’s Official, City Council Reorganizes Bike Advisory Committee


Stephen Box reports at City Watch LA that the City Council has approved the long-debated motion by Ed Reyes to reform the city's Bicycle Advisory Committee.  There's no point in re-writing the wheel, so I'll leave the description to Stephen.

The motion passed unanimously but that didn't stop debate, albeit one-sided and supportive, with Councilman Ed Reyes taking the lead in addressing the needs of cyclists for support from our Transportation and Planning Departments. It was Reyes who originally moved to reorganize the BAC and it was his office who got involved, attending meetings and offering suggestions on how the process could be more inclusive and open to the public...

...The BAC reorganization motion directs the BAC to elect officers, it directs the Transportation and the Recreation and Parks Departments to staff the BAC with support from the Planning Department and with Public Works directed to address the concerns of cyclists. It further assigned the City Attorney the responsibility of addressing the Brown Act and offering support as appropriate or when requested. It's not quite the document it was when introduced, having gone through committee three times, but if it clearly communicates a Council commitment to supporting an effective BAC, then so be it.

Photo: Ubrayj02/Flying Pigeon LA