Times Editorial Blasts Molina Over Sales Tax Obstructionism


Maybe there are some Times' editors reading Streetsblog?

In an editorial in today's newspaper, the Los Angeles Times takes a whack at the politicians who's local posturing endangers Metro's half-cent sales tax proposal, especially Gloria Molina. 

The Times sums up it's excellent editorial:

What Molina and the other obstructionists fail to grasp is that if the sales tax measure doesn't end up on the ballot, everybody loses, including their constituents. A better public transit system would reduce traffic and pollution for all Angelenos and provide an alternative for low-income residents who can't afford to fill their gas tanks. The projects in Feuer's bill would cover areas where the need is greatest. Sales tax hikes aren't a great way to pay for public transit, but voters deserve a chance to decide whether mobility is worth the cost.

Personally, I don't think any politician "fails to grasp" the issue.  It's just that their political pride and sense of what is and isn't fair is more important than what's best for the region as a whole.