Cyclists Ride the Freeway from 101 to 110

Some of you may remember our friendly neighborhood Crimanimalz and their freeway bike rides. Now a different group of cyclists has followed their example and made a video of riding the freeway from the 101 to the 110 during a recent Friday evening rush hour.  Meanwhile, the Crimanimalz were busy doing their own ride on the same day, entering the 405 from Wilshire Boulevard.

As these rides become more common, the question begins to loom: are freeway rides the Critical Mass rides of the 21st Century?

5 thoughts on Cyclists Ride the Freeway from 101 to 110

  1. Damien,

    My understanding is that this group is loosely affiliated with the CRIMANIMALZ. They rode at the same time on the same day as the 3rd Freeway Ride, just on the other side of town. Rumor has it that one of the founders of the Freeway Ride rode with them.

  2. I think the real “big question” is, unfortunately, how many such rides does it take before someone is run over, and the press attention turns negative.

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