Streetfilms: Depaving Day in Portland

Our coverage of the Toward Carfree Cities conference continues with this Streetfilm from Elizabeth Press, who brings us a unique public service project.

Hundreds of conference participants helped break and remove asphalt from a 3,000 square foot parking lot. is the mastermind behind the Fargo Garden Project. They promote the removal of unnecessary concrete and asphalt from urban areas. will continue to work with Goldsmith Properties to transform this now asphalt-free site into a community greenspace. Once completed, the site will be used to educate the public about pavement removal and storm water drainage management.

  • I love it! I would love to do this here in LA. Who is in?!

  • I’m in!

  • Seriously how great is Portland. Here in Wisconsin we are planning on adding a new lane of concrete for 120 miles! whereas in Portland they’ve started an organization to remove wasteful surface parking lots… How great is that.

  • dhf

    Enci and Soapbox,

    I’m definitely in for some depaving, L.A. style. Got a spot in mind- a triangle of unutilized, fenced off parking in the Arts District. Have ya’ll seen those signs all over L.A. on traffic islands that say Ïslands of LA, National Park”