Miller Brewing Co.: Cycling Is Patriotic

This ad has some age on it, but we thought it’d be nice for once to see one from a company that gets it.

A cyclist, his front basket filled with two fresh six packs of jingling Miller bottles, makes his way down a snow-covered street.

The voice over:

That’s the way, patriot. Let the OPECs keep their gasoline.

We’ll just tap into a far more efficient energy source: man power.

Miller High Life: Who knew?

By filmmaker Errol Morris via markkohlman/YouTube

Story by Brad Aaron

  • Damien Newton

    It occurs to me that I’ve never seen this ad before, and given the amount of sports that I watch you’d think I’d see a lot of beer commercials. Do we not get commercials with a lot of snow in them here in SOCAL?

  • Justin

    Damien -> We do get less commercials with snow in them here in SoCal, although we do get some. The funny part to me is that while we do get climate appropriate advertisements, you still can’t buy a water pistol in December because the toy stores have their “winter” inventory.

    This commercial goes along with Miller’s appeal as a “sports drink” I know a guy who runs the LA Marathon pretty much every year, and at the finish line his brother gives him a 40 of Miller. Ohhhhhh yeah!


  • that is a great ad. someone should forward that to the suckers at statefarm.