Sneak Peak at Potential Gold Line Phase II Extensions


A report at Metro's website outlines the possible alignments for Phase II of the Gold Line Eastside Extension Project. After the first round of scoping hearings, Metro has settled on 16 possible options for extending the Gold Line southeast from Union Station into San Bernadino and Whittier. Of the 16 alternatives that will receive further study, 13 are light rail options and the other 3 are Bus Rapid Transit.

The alternatives were selected after public meeting throughout the Eastside in October 2007. Metro reports that attendees at those meetings wanted to see the Gold Line extended into their communities to provide access to the downtown. The alternatives that received the most support at last fall's meetings were grade separated light rail running down Whittier Boulevard followed by alignments along State Route 60 and Washington Boulevard.

The proposed extension along Route 60 has garnered support from the Latino Urban Forum because the route connects two of Southern California's largest state parks and has greater potential for transit oriented development because of zoning along the potential route. L.U.F. claims the alignment would also have the lowest impact on the environment during construction and would reduce congestion along crowded Route 60 greater than any other alignment.

Public meetings to announce the alternatives and solicit feedback will be held between April 9th and 17th at Whittier, South El Monte, Montebello and Pico Rivera. A slimmed down group of alternatives will be released in August or September.

Image: Metro